Hello, my name is Luc but I go by my artist name gaikotsukiri! You can also call me jiji.
I specialize in NSFW illustrations, but I also do bunch of other stuff - my latest passion is learning traditional 2D animation and doing vtuber models.

All orders are packed and shipped from Espoo FINLAND. Thank you for visiting!

Feel free to ask me any questions by e-mail or through my social media! I'm also open for any suggestions for future merch or characters/series you'd like to see!

Please be patient with e-mails and DM's as I run this store alone, I will try to respond to you in 1-3 days.

 All Fan Art and Fan Merchandise in my shop is made and designed by me. I abide by Hoyoverse's Genshin Impact Overseas Fan-Made Merchandising Guide's rules. Do not steal, reproduce or resell any of my merchandise. If you see any ripoffs of my merch on any sites, please kindly report back to me, I would appreciate it!!

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