Genshin Impact Character Condom - Zhongli

Genshin Impact Character Condom - Zhongli

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Character condom featuring Zhongli from Genshin Impact, for your "special occasion".... or for just collecting purposes to your Zhongli shrine - since according to Twitter, Genshin fans do not have sex!! That said, this is a limited novelty item - once they are sold out, they will not be made anymore!

The condom comes in a holographic heart shaped packaging with instructions inside ♡ will be packed discreetly, you will have no idea what it is until you open it!


This ultra thin condom is made without harmful chemicals, does not contain spermicide and is fragrance-free.

Electronically triple tested for safety, it's ISO-certified, made from 100% natural latex and features easy-to-open buttercup packaging. No more ripping wrappers or guessing which way is up!

✧ Material: Latex
✧ Color: Pink

NF EN ISO 4074:2002, CE0120-certified for safety. Prevention of STI's.
Made in France.


Artist's comment:

After the Kotaku article, this meme spread like wildfire, I am still shocked over the impact it made, hahaha. This was originally just a small gag merch-idea meant for my Twitter followers, and since anime character condoms aren't a new thing, the popularity was unexpected. This will be a great gift idea for your friends - the jokes write themselves, grab your zhongdoms while they're available!


"Shields you from massive damage of responsibility"
- random twitter user #1

"Imagine your man going to burst and shouts "TENDOU BANSHOU"
- random twitter user #2

"Zhongli's providing protection against parenthood"
- random twitter user #3

"Don't even TRY to woo me if we aren't going to use the Zhongli condoms in bed"
- random twitter user #4

"*me and my wife about to have sex* hold on babe I've got to get my zhongdom"
- random twitter user #5

"Creates a shield of jade with dmg absorption that scales with Zhongli's max HP"
- random twitter user #6

"One way ticket into my pants, don’t even look at me if ur not carrying a zhongdom."
- random twitter user #7

"Genshin players do NOT have sex, these condoms are gonna collect dust like Guizhong."
- random twitter user #8

- random twitter user #9

"Help Zhongli became a shield...... literally"
- random twitter user #10

"5* Adeptus Condom, gain a shield with 90% chance to prevent pregnancy. Gain 1 stack for every 5s. Each stack increases Normal ATK SPD by 6% and ATK by 10%. Stack resets when you stop moving."
- random twitter user #11

Don't be foolish, cover your pillars"
- random twitter user #12


This is not official merchandise, Genshin Impact and characters belong to Hoyoverse. All Fan Art and Fan Merchandise in my shop is made and designed by me. I abide by Hoyoverse's Genshin Impact Overseas Fan-Made Merchandising Guide's rules.

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