✧PRE-ORDER✧ Genshin Impact Character Condom - Tartaglia

✧PRE-ORDER✧ Genshin Impact Character Condom - Tartaglia

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Character condom featuring Tartaglia from Genshin Impact, for your "special occasion" .... or for just collecting purposes to your Tartaglia shrine - since according to Twitter, Genshin fans do not have sex!! That said, this is a limited novelty item - once they are sold out, they will not be made anymore!

The condom comes in a holographic heart shaped packaging with instructions inside ♡ will be packed discreetly, you will have no idea what it is until you open it!


This ultra thin condom is made without harmful chemicals, does not contain spermicide and is fragrance-free.

Electronically triple tested for safety, it's ISO-certified, made from 100% natural latex and features easy-to-open buttercup packaging. No more ripping wrappers or guessing which way is up!

✧ Material: Latex
✧ Color: Pink

NF EN ISO 4074:2002, CE0120-certified for safety. Prevention of STI's.
Made in France.


✧ This is a pre-order item. Estimated shipping time is in late March, early April due to production delays.


Artist's comment:

After the Kotaku article, this meme spread like wildfire, I am still shocked over the impact it made, hahaha. This was originally just a small gag merch-idea meant for my Twitter followers, and since anime character condoms aren't a new thing, the popularity was unexpected. This will be a great gift idea for your friends, the jokes write themselves - grab your childedoms while they're available!


"About to fuck and all the sudden you look at the condom you're opening and there's Childe Tartaglia Ajax from hit rpg game Genshin Impact"
- random twitter user 1

"What do you mean someone made Genshin condoms????"
- random twitter user 2

"I'd buy the Childe one and frame it for my room decor"
- random tiktok user 1

- random tiktok user 2

"I'm gonna buy one and preserve it in resin"
- random tiktok user 3

"Brace yourself, this is gonna hurt! *wink emoji*"
- random reddit user #1

"Surrender is a valid option, I promise I'll be gentle."
- random reddit user #2


This is not official merchandise, Genshin Impact and characters belong to Hoyoverse. All Fan Art and Fan Merchandise in my shop is made and designed by me. I abide by Hoyoverse's Genshin Impact Overseas Fan-Made Merchandising Guide's rules.

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